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Hillary Clinton won our county by almost 15% yet our county government of 18 board members has only 1 democrat!  One party rule has allowed the growth of Croninism.  

$288,000 each year for 4 connected lobbying firms.   

A $25k/year election board that can’t run our elections. 

The RTA portion of the sales tax used to balance the budget, not improving public transportation, but saddling the Transportation budget with 37% debt service. 

They crow that they haven’t raised property assessments in 4 years. 

They are just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    Many people in the district know Sheila from her work creating beautiful memories as the owner/photographer for 30 years at Captured by Sheila. For the last 3 years, she has been an owner of Advanced Property Solutions as well.  

   Sheila served on the Warrenville Chamber of Commerce for 8 years. She was honored as the volunteer of the year 2014 at Danada Equestrian Center, where she has been volunteering for 8 years. There she gained valuable experience in shoveling manure. 

   Sheila demonstrated her leadership skills by negotiating with the Forest Preserves to update the photographer’s permit program.  After 18 months of extensive negotiations, revenue catapulted from a few hundred dollars in fines to over $40,000 in permits through 2017. 

   Sheila is the only candidate that has been attending 90% of the committee and board meetings so she will be ready on day one to get on with affecting needed change.

   Right now, appointments to committees are overwhelming older white male republicans meaning our Democratic interests are not being met or even acknowledged.  This must change.